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Subscription Metrics and Reporting

Business trends

View trends across sales, revenue, customer acquisition, churn and payment status to swiftly identify any anomaly and take corrective actions.

Recurring Revenue

Get a deeper analysis of your subscription revenue with key metrics such as new, upgrade, downgrade and cancellation MRR and ARR.

Leads and Trial

Get insights into your marketing performance with a simplified leads and trials dashboard. Track leads, free trial sign-ups, trial conversion and sales cycle length to get the most out of marketing spend.

Churn Report

The churn report shows all the critical trends with respect to churn. Churn metrics, along with customer behaviour analysis at every touchpoint, discovers any weakness and helps to formulate a customer retention strategy.

Customers Report

Learn about your customers with a comprehensive report of trial sign-ups, active customers, revenue per customer segmented by product and plans, geographical territories and other verticals.

Transaction Report

Keep your eyes on your cash flow, payment, refunds, failed transactions with real-time transaction events tracking. Consolidated reports give you a comprehensive analysis of transactions over a period.