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Subscription Management

Get access to a robust subscription management platform empowering the ever-changing needs of your growing business.
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Flexible Plan Management

Configure plans for a product with any pricing models and billing frequency. Set a trial period for a try-and-buy plan or a completely free plan. Create addons to bundle with a product or plan.

Smart Revenue Recovery

Recurbox's multi-layer revenue recovery strategies ensure you do not lose subscribers due to an unintentional missed payment.
Notify customers
Proactively communicate to customers if a charge to their payment method is unsuccessful so that they can update their debit or credit card or rectify the issue to avoid disruption in the service.
Automatic retry
Minimize churn with automatic retry for failed payments. You can rely on our intelligent retry logic or set up custom retry rules to protect your business from failed transactions and lost revenue.
Credit limit
You can set a standard credit limit for all customers or a custom credit limit for an individual customer. The subscription will not go to the suspended state unless the due amount exceeds this limit.
Card updater
Has your customer's card has been reissued or changed card number and expiry date? We sync directly with the card network to automatically update card information for the subscription.

Lifecycle Automation

Subscriptions can go through many events down the stream, such as trial to paid conversion, pause, cancellation, upgrade, downgrade and termination. Recurbox handles all such circumstances gracefully.


When your customer wants to change the plan or add-remove items from a subscription mid-billing cycle; Recurbox automatically prorates billing for accurate charges and invoices.


Get instant updates in your system with webhook integration for any subscription lifecycle events, including change order, payment status, pause or cancellation.

Self-Service Portal

Recurbox's integrated self-service portal gives your customers the ability to manage their subscriptions, add more items to an existing subscription, place a new order, view invoices and update profile and billing information.